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4 Places to see during Australian Holiday Visit


There are many unique and attracted Australia tourism attractions. Many youngsters plan a backpacker travel Australia holiday, but they don’t know the beautiful places they must visit while they tour Australia.

Following are four stunning places which you must visit during Australian holiday visit.

1.    Sidney

It is the largest city of Australia and also the most famous one. Surely it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Bright and vibrant, nestled in a bay offers natural beauty. Here you can visit the Opera House and then go to the botanical garden, a majestic park and relaxing in the heart of the city and overlooking the bay, I would say unique in the world. It is worth taking the bus to pay a visit to the beaches of the coast of Sydney, in particular the famous Bondi beach, the beach of Australian surfers. By Sidney Bay, you can take the ferry for a short stretch, then go northeast on Manly beach. Manly has two bays connected by a short, characteristic avenue.

2.    Kangaroo Island

One, who tours Australia, must not miss the kangaroo Island. The island is the third Australian island with an area of 145 km in length and 57 km in the point of maximum width. The island is located to the south in front of the coast of Adelaide (which typically takes the flight to Kangaroo). Kangaroo is a nature reserve and one third of the territory is made up of parks or protected areas. So there are many animals including kangaroos, wallabies, sea lions (the island is home to 10% of all the specimens in the world), eagles, echidnas, possums, several species of bats and frogs, many koalas, platypuses and penguins. Many of the animals are visible in the Flindres Chase Park. Seal in the bay, you can walk close to mammoth and for lazy sea lions. Evocative Kelly Hill Caves (dated 120,000 years), the picturesque harbor of Vivonne Bay are the rock formations of Remarkable Rocks and Admiral's Arch.

3.    Perth

Perth is capital of Western Australia and the tourist center of great interest, thanks to its mild climate and temperate. For local bars and restaurants to spend pleasant evenings, we recommend the Northbridge which is a great Australia tourism attraction.

4.    Pinnacles desert and Cervantes

The quiet village of Cervantes is an excellent stopover while traveling along the west coast to visit the Pinnacles desert in the Nambung National Park. The Pinnacles desert is really impressive, in the desert rise unusual natural sculptures of rock, limestone pillars with varied shapes and heights that can reach five meters, the result of the combined work of underground rocks, plants and agents atmospheric. At sunset the show is stunning, the sand and the Pinnacles seem to absorb sunlight.